Humans And Robots Were Too Slow, So Dominos Is Now Delivering Pizzas By Drone


By Cooking Panda

We were just telling you in June that pizza-making robots were going to bring you your Domino’s pizza. Well, it’s been two months and it seems robots just aren’t cutting it. Domino’s is ready to talk drones.

Let’s do a quick recap here. First, Domino’s told us if you don’t get your pizza in 30 minutes, it’s free. Then they introduced 20 minute and 15 minute delivery times. Next, they decided robots that could carry up to 10 pizzas and deliver to a 20 mile radius would ensure the quickest and most efficient deliveries. Now, they are experimenting with drones! Talk about catering to your audience.

Domino’s in New Zealand has partnered with Flirtey, a U.S. drone delivery service, according to Quartz. Tests are, therefore, to take place in New Zealand first. However, this isn’t the first time Domino’s has experimented with drone deliveries. Quartz reports that they’ve tried this idea in both the U.K. and Greece, but it wasn’t for us regular customers as this would be.

Domino’s is still experimenting with robots in Australia, so clearly that idea hasn’t died. Maybe they’re just playing around with ideas and learning what will work best. Who knows? Maybe they’ll employ robots and drones, and all of our ordering will be through apps and the website. What a crazy thought, that someday there may not be any humans taking our orders or making and delivering our pizzas!

According to Eater, drone-maker Flirtey is also working with 7-Eleven to arrange deliveries to our doors. Imagine ordering doughnuts and Slurpees after finishing your pizza, and everything just appearing right at your doorstep, hanging from a rope attached to a hovering drone.

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U.S. aviary regulations going into effect later in August don’t allow drones to deliver out of eyesight of operators; so it will probably be a while before we actually see the drone deliveries here. In the meantime, we can look forward to the arrival of the robots we’ve been so looking forward to meeting.

Sources: Eater, Quartz / Photo credits: Domino's Pizza/InstagramDronMarket/Instagram

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