‘Humanoid’ Robots Coming To Pizza Hut Japan (Video)


By Cooking Panda

Pizza Hut customers in Japan will soon be able to order from a “humanoid” robot.

Similar to the robots used in this Shanghai Kentucky Fried Chicken, select Pizza Hut locations in Japan will employ a human-like robot named Pepper. This initiative is sponsored by MasterPass, the digital wallet and mobile payments system from MasterCard, as reported by Eater.

Pepper has been lauded as the first robot in the world that can read human emotions by using “facial recognition systems to judge a customer’s mood and perhaps offer add-on products, trying to capitalize on how the customer is feeling,” as reported by Wall Street Journal. As Pepper has been designed to be as similar to a human as possible, customers can interact with the robot by greeting him.

The robot, which has been designed by SoftBank, has been employed throughout various businesses in Japan, according to Financial Times. Of the several thousand Peppers currently in use throughout the country, about one-third can be seen in business settings, such as Nestle and Mizuho Bank, and in a variety of roles, including customer assistants and demonstration aides.  

Nevertheless, employing Pepper in Pizza Hut would be a first for the innovation. In such an environment, consumers would deal entirely with the robot, from ordering food to paying for their purchases.

Pepper has been constructed to talk with customers, answer questions, and letting them pay for their purchases via their cellphones. MasterCard said this initiative is an attempt to see how payments may be conducted in a variety of settings, and they may deploy Pepper in other establishments, such as airports and hotels. Nevertheless, MasterCard said that employees need not worry that robots will take  their jobs.

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 “We’re not trying to replace anything,” said John Sheldon, head of the MasterCard’s innovation management. “There will be human staff.”

Sources: Eater, Financial Times / Photo Credit: The Verge

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