How Do You Make Cheap Wine Taste Better? Add Salt


By Cooking Panda

If you want a fine wine taste, but you only want to pay the price of a mediocre wine, you may be in luck.

According to Metro UK, wine experts have a salty trick for upgrading a glass of cheap wine. A former CTO of Microsoft is believed to have first learned about the salt trick. He found that adding just a few grains could balance out the flavor, which he experimented on at a dinner party, where everyone else followed suit.

If you are a wine lover, chances are you know what a nice red should taste like. You probably know it’s important to aerate it, or that it should taste nice and smooth, and not like vinegar, which the cheap ones can sometimes do. According to Daily Mail, some experts even suggest putting a cheap red into a blender to aerate it thoroughly and make it taste nice and expensive. So, what do you think of the wine trick? Would you try it?

Personally, I love wine, but I love every wine. I don’t discriminate between cheap and expensive, but maybe that’s because I haven’t had a truly expensive bottle. I may try the salt trick and never go back!

Bustle has been helpful enough to offer a few more tips for making your less-than-stellar wine taste great. For example, try serving it with good cheeses, or add fruit! If it’s white, keeping it cold can help take some of the more bitter tastes away from a bad wine.

If the wine is red, take some advice from above and aerate it. It helps to filter out some of the “graininess” and allows it to breathe better. I’m not sure what all of that means, honestly, but I’ll admit it does taste better that way. I don’t need to understand all of the science behind it to know what my taste buds like!

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You can also make it into a spritzer by adding Sprite or something fizzy to it, or if it’s a red, you can mull it — meaning heat it up and drink it warm. Test out these methods and see what works!

Sources: Metro UK, Daily Mail, Bustle / Photo Credit: Bustle

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