Hot Dudes And Hummus Makes A Case For Peace In The Middle East


By Cooking Panda

There is no question that the rich, diverse culture of the Middle East is often forgotten amidst the region’s seemingly endless conflict and strife.

Fear not, though. Four college students with backgrounds as diverse as their mission are attempting to bring public focus back to Israeli culture “away from conflict.” American Orly Geduld, Canadian Ayala Lesser, Israeli Israel Zari, and Isreaeli-Romanian Betty Ilovici created the Instagram account, “Hot Dudes and Hummus” to celebrate what they consider to be two of the most beautiful facets of Israeli culture—attractive Israeli men and creamy, delicious hummus.

Based on the images we’ve included here, we can’t help but agree with them.

In keeping with their mission, the founders aim to post images that feature a diverse group of men—and hummus. In an interview, they stated, “we love any guy who loves digging into a delicious bowl of hummus, and there is something really great about a guy who appreciates culture.”

This message is especially meaningful considering the virtually universal popularity of hummus (and hot men). It’s hard to think about violence, hatred, or conflict while enjoying a delicious pita covered in creamy chickpea spread or watching an attractive male do the same.

We suggest that you grab yourself a bowl of hummus before clicking over to the original account in order to view even more photos of “Hot Dudes and Hummus.” Just don’t forget the message of the account while you’re gazing, starry-eyed, at the images. After all, much like the Israelis who love it, hummus is incredibly diverse, and in the words of the site’s founders, “can be used as a spread for pita, bread, eaten as a veggie dip, or eaten by the spoonfuls.”

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Source: Metro Photo credits: Instagram/Hot Dudes and Hummus

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