Homeless Protest Vegan Meals Prepared By Famous Chef


By Cooking Panda

After being fed a vegan diet, homeless people threatened to “return to the streets” if it meant they wouldn’t be forced to suffer through another meatless meal.

Simone Salvini, a famous Italian TV chef, was recruited to help provide a healthier menu at a soup kitchen in Bologna, Italy.

“My staff and I are trying to cook, as best as we can, a range of healthy, organic food and vegetables,” Salvini said, as noted by The Local.

Salvini decided to provide a vegan menu for the patrons of the soup kitchen. However, in a city known for its delicious meats, such good intentions were lost. In fact, adding “bolognese” to the name of an Italian dish virtually guarantees that meat will be a part of the meal.

Naturally, the vegan meals were not well received.

“Some told me that they need to eat meat, and would return to the streets [if they didn’t get their meat fix],” Salvini said.

Alessandro Caspoli, a monk and manager of the soup kitchen, said the protest was “peaceful” and meat was promptly incorporated back into its meals.

“I welcome the criticism,” Salvini said. “But not everyone complained last week, some guests shook my hand. It was very satisfying.”

Salvini is pairing up with Michelin-starred chef Massimo Bottura to create a dinner menu for the homeless and refugees on May 9. Although he’s excited about the challenge, he understands that he needs to prepare vegan dishes into “more reassuring forms,” like bean sausages and vegetarian meatballs.

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Source: The Local / Photo credit: Simone Salvini/Facebook

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