Here’s Where ‘Happy Hour’ Got Its Name


By Cooking Panda

If you’ve ever wondered where the term “happy hour” came from, here’s your answer!

Happy hour is a sacred time for both drink aficionados and casual drinkers — it’s the time to unwind with a beverage after a long day at work. Huffington Post revealed that the beloved tradition was named by none other than the U.S. Navy!

The first reported happy hours, according to the Huffington Post, were in 1914 and held by the Navy. They didn’t, however, include much alcohol. Instead, happy hours were weekly entertainment programs that were aimed at alleviating boredom. The shows included live music, dancing and movie showings.

In the prohibition era, beginning in 1920, Americans began using the term in relation to drinking. Because alcohol was illegal, friends would arrange meetings before dinner at speakeasies and drink — thus creating the cocktail hour.

The next time you get a happy hour special at a bar or pub, make sure to thank the Navy!

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Source: Huffington Post / Photo credit: Pixabay

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