Here’s How To Make A Giant McNugget (Video)


By Cooking Panda

Anyone who loves chicken nuggets will appreciate this cooking competition. Who can make the best giant chicken nugget?

Julia and JP of Hellthy Junk Food on YouTube face off against one another in the video below to see who can make the best giant chicken nugget. Julia takes inspiration from the boot-shaped McNugget of McDonald’s, while JP tries to have it all with a more Wendy’s-like nugget stuffed with McDonald’s nuggets.

Watching the difference in cooking methods is fascinating, to say the least. You won’t even realize seven minutes have passed. Julia is very measured and organized in her endeavor, while JP takes the more “fly by the seat of your pants” approach. At least, that’s how it appears to me. While Julia measures flour, and all sorts of different spices, like turmeric, allspice and chili powder, JP sticks to the essentials: flour, bread crumbs and egg. Interestingly, Julia dipped her nugget in egg as a last step before freezing her boot nugget. I didn’t see that coming, and I’ll bet that’s what ultimately made the difference between winning and losing. Or at least, made the difference between breading that stays intact, vs. JP’s breading, which fell off the nugget.

Julia’s nugget was also thinner and more firm once completed. It actually looked like a McDonald’s nugget.  A huge McNugget. JP’s idea of stuffing the large nugget with smaller ones probably caused his demise. At least, that’s my only guess for why his final product was squishing out weird pinkish juices? Spoiler alert.

Anyway, the real results are based on the taste-test. At least, that’s how I’d base it. In the end, Julia’s nugget looked a lot tastier. JP’s didn’t look too bad, but I just can’t get around the nuggets in the middle. I think that was a bad, and rather unappetizing, choice. Had he not stuffed the nugget, the competition would have at least been a bit closer. I liked the breadcrumbs in the batter idea, and felt that Julia should have used them as well. JP could have also made his a bit thinner, so that it would have stayed together better. Check out the video and decide for yourself:

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Source: Hellthy Junk Food/YouTube / Photo Credit: Hellthy Junk Food/YouTube

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