Here’s How McDonald’s Treated A 95-Year-Old Woman (Video)


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A Maryland McDonald’s is honoring their oldest employee in the country, who is turning 95-years-old on Christmas Day.

Harriett Clopper began working at the McDonald’s in Hagerstown, Maryland in 1995, KSN reported. She now works eight hours a week at the location as a customer greeter.

“I just like everything about it – the people – everybody is so nice” Clopper told KSN.

For her 20 years of service and upcoming 95th birthday, franchise owner Mark Levine threw Clopper a surprise birthday party. Levine said he admired Clopper’s work ethic and her attention to detail.

“If I could get a 1,000 Harrietts, I’d be a happy man,” Levine, who operates several other McDonald’s in the Hagerstown area, told Herald Mail Media. “She treats the customers better than I treat the customers. She is the nicest greeter and host here. She makes everybody feel right at home.”

Despite her age, Clopper said she loves to work and can’t get enough of the customers. She said her fondest memory was when a customer she didn’t know handed her two $50 bills and wished her a Merry Christmas.

Kathy Yates of The Golden M Co. also sang Clopper’s praises.

“She says ‘the secret to longevity is to keep working,’” Yates said in a written proclamation honoring Clopper. “… People love Harriett because she makes them feel special from the moment they walk in the door. She’s young at heart, has a great sense of humor and is proud of the fact that she works at McDonald’s. In essence, she is our brand, the McDonald’s brand.”

Clopper said she doesn’t plan on retiring from McDonald’s anytime soon. She had previously worked at the Fairchild aircraft plant for 27 years before retiring in 1979.

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“The young people look up to me and look out for me,” Clopper said, about her coworkers at McDonald’s. “I appreciate that they help me take the trash out and make sure I arrive home safely in bad weather.”

Sources: KSNHerald Mail Media / Photo Credit: Herald Mail Media

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