Here’s Exactly Which Booze You Should Drink With Noodles


By Cooking Panda

Noodles are life.

In honor of National Noodle Day on Oct. 6, which you should celebrate by eating a ton of noodles and declaring your undying love for them, we’re here to help boost up the sentimentality factor and throw in some booze as well. Here are some great, if often unexpected, pairings for a few different kinds of noodles:


what to drink with ramen?

There are so many different flavors of ramen — check out this page for more detailed pairings — but in general, we suggest:

For Shio broth: drink Belgian-style wheat beer, nutty junmai sake, or for wine, a light-bodied Pino Grigio.

For Shoyu Ramen: try medium-dry wines like Chenin Blanc, very dry sake, or offbeat, slightly sour aged dark beers like old ales and dark stock ale.

For Tonkatsu Ramen: for beer, enjoy a full-bodied porter or stout or Belgian dubbel. Spatlese Riesling and honjozo sake would also be great.

For Miso Ramen: go for a Gose beer, a semi-dry cider, unoaked chardonnay or a rich yamahai sake. With a spicy charred miso dish, drink a porter.


With pho, you’ll love this sake spin on a lemon drop, a classic mai tai, or crisp, clean malty beers like lagers.

Chinese Noodles

It’s a big leap from Dan Dan to Chow Fun, but if you’re having a variety of Chinese dishes, the experts over at Serious Eats recommend a hoppy pilsner, bold black IPA (more info on beer pairings here), Riesling (more info on wine pairing here), or a tangy, fruity cocktail like this Litchitini.

Thai Noodles

With Thai cuisine, try a creamy, sweet Kaffir Colada with coconut milk foam or a light to hoppy beer like lager, pilsner, American IPA, Belgian pale ale or Saison.

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Italian Pasta

Everyone knows about wine and pasta, so we’re going to skip that for now (you can find out everything you want to know about pasta and wine pairings here). Here are some tried-and-true beer and cocktail pairings for a few common pasta sauces:

For standard tomato sauce: try a light, balanced and just slightly hoppy beer like an amber ale or a Brandy Crusta Cocktail.

For spicy meat-based tomato sauce: go for an IPA, as hoppy as you like it, or a citrusy Greyhound with juniper-heavy gin.

For pesto: go for a somewhat sweet, subtly herby Belgian ale, a margarita or a basil-lime gimlet.

For Alfredo: try an Abbey tripel Belgian beer, a Dopplebock or an IPA. For cocktails try a dirty martini or a fizzy, tart gin and tonic.

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