Have A Party In Your Mouth With These 14 Divine Apple Desserts


By Cooking Panda

Looking for some tasty desserts to make this weekend? It’s Apple Strudel Day, and we are totally craving warm, gooey spiced apple desserts – so we decided to go to town with this warm, satisfying apple dessert recipe roundup.

It’s always more delicious and healthy to cook from scratch when possible, but if you want to cut corners, we won’t judge you. If you use canned apple pie filling, it’ll work pretty well in a lot of these recipes.

1. Classic Apple Strudel

There’s a reason apple strudel has been popular for so long! The best part? It’s super easy to make.

2. Apple Pie Milkshake

Apple pie filling blended smooth with vanilla ice cream and drizzled with heavenly caramel sauce? How can we resist?

3. Apple Berry Cobbler

We love cobblers, especially in the summer. Feel free to use whatever fruit you have on hand.

4. Glazed Apple Pie Crescent Rolls

Easy as pie, as they say. And every bit as tasty.

5. Cinnamon Sugar Apple Fritter Rings

Deep fried apple-donut hybrid? We’re so down.

6. Apple Cinnamon Sweet Rolls

Cinnamon rolls are great. How about branching out a little with a fun new twist?

7. Caramel Apple Crumble

This recipe is super easy and delicious to boot. We love our crisps, cobblers and crumbles, but we’ve never thought to add caramel to them.

8. Apple Crisp Blondies

We are obsessed with thick, fudgy blondies – add a delicious twist with soft apples and crunchy streusel for a really cool texture that you’ll love!

9. Apple Streusel Bread Pudding

Ditch the raisins. Apples and pecans will seriously bring your bread pudding to the next level.

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10. Apple Pie Egg Rolls

Love those fast food fried apple pies? These taste very similar, but they are homemade! If you want to go a little healthier, skip the frying pan, brush them lightly with melted butter and bake on 375 until golden and crispy.

11. Apple Pie Frozen Yogurt

You don’t need any fancy utensils to make this semi-healthy but completely decadent frozen yogurt. All you need is a freezer and the ability to stir a couple times.

12. All Day Apple Butter

This sweet, gooey spread is a real treat. It’s super easy to make in the slow cooker, too. You’ll get addicted in no time.

13. Salted Turtle Caramel Apples

You’ll go nuts for these decadent homemade caramel-dunked apples topped with a hearty smattering of chocolate drizzle, buttery toasted pecans and flaky sea salt.

14. Bourbon Pecan Pie Stuffed Baked Apples

Don’t underestimate how heavenly baked apples are! They become so soft and tender, and they are the perfect home for bourbon pecan pie stuffing and ice cream! What could be better?

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