Half-Naked Man Dances, Makes Sandwiches At Subway (Video)


By Cooking Panda

As the United States’ largest sandwich chain, Subway is known for a few things: that fresh bread smell, 11-inch footlongs, and consistency – you can pretty much rely on getting your order made the same way upon each visit (video below).

Perhaps the last thing customers were expecting when they walked into a Subway restaurant in Festus, Missouri, on the weekend of April 23, was to see a shirtless man dancing and making sandwiches behind the counter, KTVI reports.

Those who witnessed the event were so disturbed by the man’s behavior and clear health code violations that they snapped several photos and recorded footage of the half-naked man dancing inside and outside the shop and sent the images to the local news station.

Festus police have reportedly not received any official complaints about the incident, although Subway officials said that they were aware of what had happened.

“The person behind the counter that appears in the video is not a current subway sandwich shop employee and was not authorized to go behind the counter,” the restaurant said in a statement to KTVI. “The former employee left the shop before further action could be taken. I apologize to my guests for this unusual occurrence.”

We don’t know if this will affect Subway’s business at all, since they are the second largest food chain in the country behind McDonald’s, and we still don’t know the identity of this man or the circumstances surrounding his odd performance. Whether a friend of his was quitting and wanted to go out with a bang, or whether it was something more bizarre than that, we may never know. But at least we’ll always have footage of a tattooed, shirtless dancing sandwich artist terrifying customers.

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Sources: KTVI, NRN, Ben King/YouTube / Photo credit: Ben King/YouTube

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