Hack Your Body With A Life-Changing Coffee Nap


By Cooking Panda

Guzzling a cup of coffee before a nap sounds a little crazy, right? Hear us out.

Everyone knows that naps are the best thing ever. But if you’ve ever closed your eyes for a quick power nap and woken up four hours later, you might want to listen up. Had you downed a cup of coffee before putting your head down, you might have woken up 20 minutes later refreshed, alert and ready to go. Yes, really.

We’re going to let you in on a little secret: It takes 10 to 20 minutes for caffeine to work its way into your blood stream before it kicks in and gives you that burst of energy, so you actually have just enough time for a quick nap if you time it right, and you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and alert every time.

A short nap of 20 minutes or less won’t be as hard to wake up from because you won’t have hit deep sleep yet. Just make sure you set an alarm and don’t sleep longer than that — once you hit your REM cycle, you’ll be in trouble. Even if you don’t fall asleep all the way, you’ll still get some rest and benefit from the caffeine once it hits you.

But make sure you don’t leisurely sip your coffee. In order to properly hack your system, you need to drink up pretty fast. Don’t take your time or you’ll use up that whole 10-20 minute window and miss your chance to sleep. If you aren’t able to gulp down a hot cup of joe, try something more drinkable like iced coffee, or something that’s small but packs a punch like espresso. Tea, soda, and energy drinks might work too, but be mindful of the caffeine levels — tea and soda have less than coffee, while energy drinks usually have way more. Guzzle your cup, set your alarm for absulutely no more than 20 minutes, and prepare to wake up refreshed. You’re welcome.

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