Gordon Ramsay To Turn Food Waste Into Amazing Meals


By Cooking Panda

Yas, Gordon, you cranky ol’ chef, you!

In a totally amazing and inspirational move, Gordon Ramsay, along with fellow Michelin-starred British chefs Tom Kerridge and Clare Smyth, has decided to cook with Dan Barber, a New York Michelin-starred chef, at a pop-up restaurant that aims to use food that was destined for the trash to make amazing, delicious meals and even high tea.

The pop-up is going to be called wastED London, according to Bloomberg, and is expected to run from Feb. 24 to April 2, 2017. The menu will feature quirky but delightful dishes from $18 and up that are designed specifically to remind diners that food waste is a huge issue, and one that we have the power to counteract, with a little practice and dedication.

Barber is well known in upstate New York for his restaurant called Blue Hill at Stone Barns; people wait months to eat at his restaurant, which was named best restaurant in America 2016, according to Bloomberg. Therefore, expectations are high for this new London venture, which will be held on a rooftop site at a department store called Selfridges.

“It’s all very exciting,” Bloomberg reports Barber as saying in an interview. “To put together a menu in a different city is to be forced to learn about its history and its agricultural realities. And the food scene in London is very vibrant.

“I am in favor of expanding the definition of what is waste food. We get to choose what’s for dinner when really we need a pattern of eating that supports a landscape.”

wastED London is expected to serve an a la carte menu, and the offerings could range from your standard fare to things that are a little less customary — think bruised vegetables, or even live ants, fish heads, stale bread, or other items that don’t sound immediately appetizing but can transform into something delightful with a little attention and love.

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Interested in trying your luck to book a seat at the restaurant? Tickets are expected to be hard to get, but you can try and secure a reservation online here.

Sources: Bloomberg, wastED London / Photo Credit: Daniel Krieger for Bloomberg

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