Go Order A Frankenfrapp From Starbucks For Halloween


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Starbucks has been known to celebrate Halloween with a one week-only Dracula-inspired Frappula. It’s creepy and delicious all at the same time. The perfect combination for Halloween.

However, if you’re looking for a drink that’s inspired by a different classic monster, a.k.a Frankenstein, you’ll have to make that one yourself. Delish has discovered this delicious-sounding drink called the Frankenfrapp, and although your barista might be a little peeved over all the mods, it should be oh so worth it.

All you have to ask for is a green tea Frappuccino, with white mocha, peppermint flavoring and java chips. You might want to write it down to make sure you get it right. Think of it as a green tea flavored peppermint mocha. Sounds weird, but looks tasty.

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As always, whipped cream and chocolate syrup are optional, but drawing a Frankenstein face on the side of your cup with a Sharpie is mandatory. Otherwise, how will anyone know you’re drinking a custom-made Frankenfrapp?

If green tea and peppermint are not your thing, go for the classic Frappula. It’s made with mocha sauce on the bottom of the cup, mocha Frappucino as the base and strawberry sauce along the rim, which drizzles itself down into the drink, creating a trendy ombre effect, except blood-colored. Still, strawberry mocha is a great flavor. For this one, the dollop of whipped cream on top is necessary, so you can have the vampire teeth effect seen here.


It seems Starbucks has owned fall, that’s for sure. First, with the always loved Pumpkin Spice Latte, then with the Frappula, and now with the Frankenfrapp. They may not know it yet, but they have created the Frankenfrapp. All they need to do is name and market it.

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In the meantime, it can’t hurt to hurry them along by asking them to make it all the time. If enough of us are doing that, maybe they’ll get the hint and we can look forward to ordering it with only one word next year. Hey, we can dream.

Sources: Delish (2) / Photo credit: averycc/Instagram

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