Glitch In Domino’s App Gives Hackers Free Pizza For Life


By Cooking Panda

A British security consultant found a pretty amazing bug in the Domino’s pizza mobile app, and used it to the pizza fan’s advantage.

Paul Price reportedly found a glitch in the British version of the Domino’s app that meant the app’s API wasn’t processing payments properly. What that meant is users like him with the technical know-how could trick the app into accepting invalid payments.

“Errr, what? It looks like my order was placed without a valid payment,” he wrote in a blog post, Motherboard reported. “Surely this is an oversight/edge case and Dominos’s will have back office checks in place before physically starting to prepare my order…right?”

In fact, Price’s order went through without a hitch. He even called Domino’s, who informed him that his pizza was in the process of being made.

“My first thought: awesome. My second thought: s**t,” he wrote. Price ended up paying for the pie in cash and admitting the issue to the Domino’s delivery worker. Since then, the company fixed the bug and the system went back to normal.

“We take security extremely seriously and discovered this issue last year during one of our frequent reviews. We are pleased to say it was resolved very quickly,” Domino’s IT head Rod Brooks told Motherboard.

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