Girl Scout Cookie Cereal Is Real, And It’s On Its Way!


By Cooking Panda

Oh, 2016: just when I was ready to chalk you up as a year worth forgetting, you went and redeemed yourself.

It turns out there is hope for America yet, because Girl Scout cookies are about to get a little more accessible to fans everywhere. Only now, they’re coming in a form we’ve never, ever seen before.

Brace yourselves, folks: Girl Scout cookie cereal is a thing, and a spokesperson told BuzzFeed News that General Mills is all set to release it in two flavors as soon as next year!

Beginning in January 2017, Thin Mint and Caramel Crunch-flavored Girl Scout cookie cereal will be available for purchase, which means that you can enjoy your favorite seasonal cookies as part of a well-balanced (haha, who are we kidding) breakfast.

“We will provide additional information when we are closer to the launch,” the General Mills spokesperson told BuzzFeed.

The news was first reported by Candy Hunting’s Instagram account.

I’m not drooling. You’re drooling!

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As if that wasn’t enough great news, Girl Scouts announced back in August that in celebration of 100 years of Girl Scouts selling cookies (and in celebration of National S’mores day), the brand will be releasing Girl Scout S’mores cookies, which will be carried in select markets during the 2017 cookie season.

The S’mores cooking will be available in two different versions: a crispy graham cookie that is dipped in a creme icing and then enrobed in a chocolate coating, as well as a crunchy graham sandwich cookie that is stuffed with a chocolate and marshmallowy filling.

Okay, fine. I’m drooling.

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