Ghostbusters-Themed Hi-C Ecto Cooler To Make Comeback!


By Cooking Panda

Coca-Cola announced that the popular Ghostbusters-themed Hi-C Ecto Cooler drink is getting ready to hit the shelves once again!

The citrus drink, first on the market in 1987 to promote the original Ghostbusters, is coming back thanks to the upcoming reboot starring Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones.

Ecto Cooler was sold all the way through 2001 due to popular demand, and fans are thrilled to have it back in their hands.

“Hi-C Ecto Cooler fueled a pop culture phenomenon that is well remembered and beloved by fans to this day,” said Charles Torrey, vice president, Minute Maid/Hi-C Brands, Coca-Cola North America. 

“Sony Pictures was extremely enthusiastic about bringing it back for this special occasion, and the timing of the upcoming Ghostbusters film made this the exact right time.”

The drinks will be sold in 10-packs of juice boxes and in 6-packs and 12-packs of cans starting on May 30. According to a Coca-Cola press release, the cans will “feature thermal ink printing technology that turns an eerie shade of slime green when chilled.”

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Source: E! Online / Photo credit: Facebook via E! Online

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