Get This: Neiman Marcus Is Actually Selling Tamales For $110


By Cooking Panda

Is this for real? Somebody please tell me this is not for real.

A stunning and bold food foul has been committed by none other than the luxury retailer Neiman Marcus.

What have they done, you ask? Oh, only taken the traditional (and very affordable) Mexican favorite dish — tamales — and slapped a price tag of $92 on ’em. And that’s not even accounting for the $18 shipping fee you’ll need to pony up in order to receive them.

As My San Antonio reports, the Dallas-based grandiose retailer is offering up a whole assortment of different tamales, ranging from “spicy” beef to chicken and pork flavors. 

Apparently, in order to make this move seem on-brand and totally valid, Neiman Marcus even went as far as slapping its hashtag, #OnlyAtNM. The retailer followed up with its tagline: Only Here. Only Ours. Exclusively for You, in a bizarre and misguided attempt to claim some false ownership over a classic dish that has been enjoyed by families for years.

I don’t know about ya’ll, but I am perfectly happy to stick with paying less than $15 for a dozen comforting tamales from, I don’t know, anywhere else on the planet. If you have tried — or are planning to try — Neiman Marcus’s tamales, however, do let me know how they taste, and if they’re worth not paying your utility bill for.

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Sources: My San Antonio, Neiman Marcus / Photo credit: Neiman Marcus

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