Get Hammered And Educated All At Once At A Beer Museum


By Cooking Panda

It seems like there is a museum for everything nowadays. They have museums of toilets, hair, broken relationships, [intentionally] bad art, barbed wire and even ramen noodles. So color us surprised that we do not yet have a museum dedicated entirely to beer. Until now!

Beer snobs: in 2018, you’ll be able to hop on over to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and learn everything you’ve never wanted to know about beer history at Brew, a museum that will be dedicated entirely to beer and will feature INTERACTIVE exhibits. And by that we mean you get to drink.

“America has large-scale museums dedicated to so many important aspects of human culture but, surprisingly, no epic museum dedicated to beer — until now,” Brew co-founder Matt Sherwin said, according to Eater. Sherwin explained that he hopes to explore “all aspects of what it means to be human — our sociology, our anthropology, our history, our economics, our politics.”

When Brew opens, you’ll be able to explore the 50,000 square-foot grounds, complete with a gift shop, a “Beer Hall of Fame, a 300-seat brewpub and a Brewers Wall that has everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the 4,800-some breweries open across America.

“We want this to be a first-day destination attraction such as Pittsburgh doesn’t have now,” said Joe McAllister, principal of the National Beer Museum Development Group LLC, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

McAllister promised something along the same scale as Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

“Our focus is on telling the history of beer,” he explained.

That’s 10,000 years or so of stories, by the way.

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The founders are shooting to open up in spring 2018, but sadly that isn’t set in stone, as they haven’t finalized the future museum’s exhibits yet. They are working to open up the shop online for now though, while they get it started.

If you are more Midwest-based, keep an eye on the upcoming Brewseum in Chicago, which is still in the early funding stages but sounds equally delightful.

Sources: EaterPittsburgh Post-Gazette, TIME / Photo credit: Catarina Oberlander/Flickr

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