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It’s a dream come true … free bottles of champagne, vending machine style. What could be better?

According to Metro News, All Bar One unveiled this free vending machine for a grand opening party. The machine carried Moet and Chandon champagnes in mini bottles for thirsty party guests. Of course, there had to be a catch, because that machine would have run out pretty quickly otherwise. The deal was that All Bar One staff members were to select party-goers at random to use the machine.

All you had to do was go up and press a button, and voila, there’s wine! The machine can hold up to 350 bottles of wine, and you don’t even have to worry about them being shaken up by the machine. Once you hit the button for champagne, a robotic arm gently plucks the bottle from the shelf and puts it into the dispenser where you can reach it. What a time to be alive!

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Mirror reports that “Strictly Come Dancing” star Laura Whitmore hosted the relaunch party at this bar in London’s Leicester Square. Maybe that’s why the lavish champagne vending machine was so spot-on and necessary. However, my view is that a wine machine is always spot-on and necessary. Especially when it’s free.

Although the machine was only available for a short time, we’re all hoping to see it again soon. Why wouldn’t it catch on? It must have brought a lot of business to All Bar One.

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The bar itself, All Bar One, will be open to the public from November 6th from breakfast to dinner to December 6th, in case you’re in the area during that time and want to stop in. The relaunch celebrated the establishment’s major refurbishment and fancy new bar and cocktail masterclass space on its first floor. Sounds like a celebration worthy of the free champagne.

My only question is this: When will we get to see these vending machines in our U.S. cities? They don’t have to be strictly at bars … I wouldn’t mind seeing them in parks and other public places. Of course, there’d have to be some sort of age verification…

Sources: Metro UK, Mirror / Photo Credit: All Bar One via Metro UK

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