Garlic Is Not Allowed At Buckingham Palace


By Cooking Panda

A top source at Buckingham Palace gave an insider account to anyone wondering just what the Queen of England eats and doesn’t eat.

Chef John Higgins, who cooked for the Queen on the eve of her 90th birthday, spoke out about the interesting restrictions on the menu for the birthday bash, and also revealed what the Queen’s favorite foods are.

The most surprising and interesting restriction is, according to Higgins, garlic! That’s right, Queen Elizabeth wasn’t having going to stand for any garlic in her food at the birthday party.

Along with garlic on the list of things banned from the menu was lumpy oatmeal. In addition, Higgins learned the hard way that the Queen expected diced rabbit meat for her dogs to eat — after he ground the meat up and served it, and was told to start over.

Something that did go over well was chocolate mousse. 

“Trust me the plates were clean when they came back from the royal family,” Higgins told Food & Wine. He also revealed that the Queen is a big fan of mangoes and always knows how many are in the fridge at the Palace. 

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Source: Food & Wine / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons 

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