Frenchman Discovers Chicken Head In Fast Food Meal, Is Offered Conciliatory Milkshake (Video)


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Something tells us this isn’t what they mean when they call it “brain food”… (video below)

A Frenchman was in for a most fowl (get it?) shock last week when he discovered what appeared to be a fully intact — albeit deep-fried — chicken head lurking among his order of chicken wings from a French fast food restaurant called Quick.

Mounir Bessaih, who was dining at a southern France location on the outskirts of Montpellier last week, had already tucked into his order of wings when he made the unsavory discovery.

“I almost bit into it!” he reportedly told Le Parisien. “I thought it was a bone. In fact, it was the chicken beak and then I discovered the eye and crest…”

As to be expected, Bessaih did what any man in 2016 would naturally do, and immediately documented the revolting scene on his phone. It didn’t take long before his video was posted to LiveLeak, where it has been viewed more than 60,000 times, as of April 26.

Social media taken care of, Bessaih then proceeded to bring the chicken head to the counter, where he claimed managers offered him compensation… in the form of a milkshake and a coffee, reports The Local.

“They offered me free meals, but even so, I don’t plan to go back,” he said.

Quick, which was bought by Burger King in late 2015, released an apology via their official Facebook page for the incident.

“The team of the quick of Saint-Jean De Vedas and the supplier of chicken wings are sincerely sorry about the mishap known by a customer of the restaurant on 18 April and shock that has produced the discovery of a head of fried chicken in a Bag of chicken wings,” the French-to-English translation reads. The statement goes on to assure that, fortunately, the “unacceptable incident” did not pose any health risks.

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Of course, this isn’t the first time a customer has reportedly found an unordered appendage in their fast-food meal. In March 2005, restaurant chain Wendy’s was investigated due to a claim made by a Las Vegas woman that she had discovered a human finger in her bowl of chili (it turns out, the woman had allegedly planted her husband’s severed finger there in a scam to get money, according to the New York Times). Then in 2006, an Indiana diner found a finger on his TGI Friday’s burger after a restaurant employee accidentally cut it in the kitchen, according to Fox News.

What makes this particular case special is that, unlike his antecedents, Bessaih didn’t find the remnants of a finger in his food — oh no. He found an entire skull.

Watch the gross scene happen below, if you can stomach it:

Sources: Le Parisien, The Local, Facebook via Quick, Fox News, New York Times / Image and video credits: LiveLeak

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