Forget Kim Kardashian: Coffee In A Cone Is Now Breaking The Internet


By Cooking Panda

In the modern era, the “Instagram” worthiness of food is paramount.

That was the idea behind Dayne Levinrad’s invention of “Coffee in a Cone,” a product the South African barista developed specifically for its social media appeal. Today, Levinrad claims that his invention is the most Instagrammed coffee in the world—and he might be right.

There’s no denying that Levingrad’s creation is gorgeous. Artisanal coffee served in a chocolate-lined ice cream cone practically begs to be photographed—and that’s exactly what the majority of Levingrad’s customers do.

Coffee in a Cone isn’t just beautiful, however—it’s also a feat of careful culinary science achieved through painstaking trial and error. Levinrad combines four different types of chocolate in order to ensure the integrity of the cone after pouring hot coffee into it, making Coffee in a Cone not just visually gorgeous, but also structurally impressive. Even so, the drink still has to be consumed in ten minutes or less—otherwise the chocolate will start to melt and you’ll end up with one very messy handful.

Immediately after perfecting the science behind the drink, however, Levinrad also created a hashtag to go along with his invention. In the barista’s own words, “We used the cone as a way to become an Instagrammable product. When people come in they take a selfie and tag #coffeeinacone.”

Clearly, Levinrad’s strategy worked. Coffee in a Cone has been Instagrammed nearly 1 million times in the past five months alone, and based on the pictures we’ve seen, we can’t say we blame anyone! At this point, we’re just hoping Levinrad expands his business to the United States as soon as possible, so we can sample (and Instagram) Coffee in a Cone for ourselves.

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Source: CNN / Photo credits: thegrindza/InstagramCNN

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