Forget Cucamelons; These Teensy Avocados Are Everything


By Cooking Panda

Why do we all go so crazy over miniature versions of everyday items?

First there was the “cucamelon,” those adorable baby versions of watermelons that had people losing their minds.

Now, the latest tiny-sized produce that’s making the rounds over social media has emerged. Say hello to the baby avocado, world.

Got a new shirt. #babyavocado

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According to Tasting Table, baby avocados debuted back in January, when U.K.-based megastore Marks & Spencer started selling the Spain-grown teensy treasures.

However, the craze has now made its way stateside after a Santa Monica farmers’ market posted this adorable photo on Instagram:

Look! They fit so snugly right in the palm of your hand:

Palta beibi | #babyavocado #paltamini #avocado #huevoymedio

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And they make this cutting board look like it’s doing a lot more than it actually is:

Suitable for humans and pups:

So what are you waiting for? Go out and revitalize your avo-toast — your brunch just got significantly cuter:

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Source: Tasting Table / Photo credit: georgie_everingham/Instagram

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