Food Expert Says: Pair Your Cheese With Tea, Not Wine


By Cooking Panda

Oh what fools we’ve been!

When we decide we want to treat ourselves nicely, and get a little fancy just for fun, usually the first dinner idea we think of — because we’re basic, maybe, but also because we love ourselves — is the classic charcuterie board. That means cheese and wine, ya’ll. Can’t go wrong, right?


According to Rachel Safko, a food and drink expert, we’ve all been total bozos for pairing our cheese — delicious, fragrant, addictive cheese — with dumb old wine.

The true magic, Safko told Forbes per Metro, is the pairing of cheese with — wait for it:


“Most people, in my experience, think of tea as a drink for rainy days, grandmas, or as a little sister to coffee,” Safko says, which sounds about right to us. Don’t get us wrong, we love (adore, even) a soothing cup of tea in the morning. Some days we actually favor green tea for its caffeine and health benefits over a cup of coffee to get our mornings off to a bright and energetic start. However, we don’t think of it as a huge treat or fancy, fun beverage.

“All of the above can be true,” Safko continues, “But there’s much more versatility to tea — it’s the chameleon of beverages.”

The chameleon, you say?

Basically, because teas have varying degrees of tannin, and because they are naturally astringent, Safko claims that the drink is actually super well-suited to being enjoyed with a cheesy snack.

Additionally, wine is usually served chilled or at room temperature. But Safko says that the heat from a hot cup of tea can actually coax out any flavors that are hiding, just waiting to be unleashed in a block of cheese, as it melts.

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If you’re convinced and want to try it out, Safko recommends pairing white and green teas with fresh goat cheese, due to the drinks’ similarities to champagne and white wine.

Black teas go with goudas, as do earthy Puerhs; Lapsang Souchound goes with a strong blue cheese.

We’re just dying to try out this new combo. What do you think of the cheesy idea?

Source: Metro / Photo Credit: Cabot Creamy Co-Operative/Instagram

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