Foie Gras Production Ban For The Summer


By Cooking Panda

France has initiated a ban on producing foie gras for the summer.

A highly infectious strain of bird flu, H5N1, has brought the production of the French delicacy to a halt throughout southwestern France for three months. As France provides about 75 percent of the world’s supply of fattened goose or duck liver, and 70 percent hails from this specific region, this ban will affect those throughout the world who partake in this luxury dish.

“My gavage room is empty,” said breeder Florence Lasserre to France Info channel, as reported by The Local. “Usually it’s full here, and it feels a bit lonely now, but the main thing is that the virus doesn’t return.”

This contagious, lethal strain of bird flu was discovered at a chicken farm in Dordogne, which prompted a veterinary intervention. H5N1 is highly fatal in birds, but it is not as contagious among humans. Nevertheless, it is fatal in about 60 percent of human cases, according to the World Health Organization.

Although breeders will be compensated for their losses, producers may ultimately lose over $150 million. A spokesperson for Cifog, the producers’ federation, explained that about 4,000 jobs would be affected by the ban.

“This interruption to our business will cause cash flow problems, additional wage costs linked to the temporary unemployment of around 4,000 workers, and fixed costs that will have to be paid despite us not having any income,” said spokesperson Marie Pierre Pe, as reported by Le Figaro, The Local notes.

As there will be 9 million fewer ducks on the market this year, consumers will also feel the effects of the ban through higher prices and increased scarcity.

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Source: The Local / Photo credit: Charles Haynes/Wikimedia Commons

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