Fiance Goals: Man Proposes With Chicken Nuggets


By Cooking Panda

Food is a girl’s best friend. Just ask pizza, tacos, ice cream and …chicken nuggets. This guy was smart enough to know that, so take notes!

Lots of people get engaged on Valentine’s Day. What better time is there? But not everyone proposes with chicken nuggets. Popsugar reports that Kristian Helton proposed to his new fiance Karsyn with a box of chicken nuggets from McDonald’s. He put the ring into a nugget and wrote “Will you McMarry Me?” in the lid of the box. How adorable!

“She has devoted her life to chicken nuggets, so that had to be part of the engagement I mean it was just given,” Kristian told WAND 17 News. Karsyn reportedly goes to McDonald’s regularly, but only to get those McNuggets. I guess that’s what devoting your life to chicken nuggets means. Those other menu items don’t even get a second glance. Poor Big Mac.

The couple met in July of 2015 and exchanged numbers, then started dating the very next day. I wonder what their first meal together was. Probably not chicken nuggets. However, after two years of dating Karsyn says her “yes” was a no-brainer; “… he is obviously the one I want to spend my life with,” she said.

“I put the ring in the chicken nugget box, and I used the chicken nugget box as a ring box, then wrote ‘will you McMarry me’ in it and she was excited…I think more excited about the chicken nuggets,” Kristian explained.

Gentlemen, if you’re stressing over how to propose to your lady, consider her favorite foods. Does she love pizza? Great, it comes in a box already so write your message and stick a ring in there. Does she love ice cream? Make her a yummy dessert and put that ring on top. You don’t have to be too creative, just give her what she loves! “If you have a chicken nugget loving girlfriend then that’s how you should propose to her,” Kristian says. Take it from him. She said yes!

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My ring better come in the top of a Big Mac, that’s all I have to say.

Sources: Popsugar, WAND 17 News / Photo Credit: McDonald's/Instagram

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