Enjoy The $150 Patron Platinum Donut, This Week Only! (Photos)


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Available for a limited time only, those who live near New York City and have a significant amount of disposable income can enjoy the $150 Patron Platinum Donut.

Bjorn DelaCruz, executive chef and co-owner of Manila Social Club in Brooklyn, New York, decided to up the ante with this luxury treat.

In January, DelaCruz created the Golden Ube Cristal Donut, a $100 dessert filled with a champagne jelly and an ube mousse and topped with Cristal champagne icing and edible 24-karat gold.

From May 2 to May 8, the Patron Platinum Donut will be available to enjoy in the Brooklyn location.

Inspired by Patron’s margarita of the year, the Rosa Picante, this decadent treat consists of a rose-petal doughnut filled with cream and a ginger-jalapeno margarita jelly. Covered in a sweet tequila frosting and topped with sheets of edible silver and platinum, this pricey dessert is absolutely breathtaking.

“It’s not like any other doughnut you’ve ever had before,” DelaCruz told Business Insider. He explained that this treat is not a “margarita doughnut,” but rather a unique flavor experience consisting of the deconstructed flavors of a margarita.

Inside, similar to the other doughnuts made by the restaurant, is a dark purple dough with light purple mousse. Manila Social Club is known for their doughnuts made with ube jam, which comes from purple yams used in Filipino desserts.

The lucky taste-testers at Business Insider described this treat as having “a very light rose taste with lingering hints of jalapeno spice and the subtle tang of tequila.”

The proceeds from this “fragrant” dessert with a “sweet finish” are being donated to the American Cancer Society.

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If you live near the restaurant and can genuinely contemplate purchasing such a decadent treat, head to Manila Social Club by May 8. 

Sources: Business Insider (2) / Photo credit: Raisa Bruner/Business Insider, manilasocialclub/instagram via Business Insider

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