Dunkin’ Donuts’ New Coffee Tastes Like A Brownie


By Cooking Panda

What’s your favorite thing about Valentine’s Day? Mine’s embracing my love of all things chocolate. Dunkin’ Donuts is making the holiday even more exciting with the release of new chocolatey drinks and heart-shaped donuts.

According to Delish, America’s donut chain is now pumping up its lattes with brownie and vanilla cupcake flavorings. Don’t worry if you want the flavor, but not in a latte. You can get it in coffee and macchiatos too! Still yet, you can get them hot or cold, according to your preference.

The brownie flavoring is said to bring a richer, bolder flavor to coffee than the regular chocolate syrup adds. The Delish team says that the taste reminds them of ice cream. Yum!

Aside from new dessert beverages, Dunkin’ is also coming out with some fun new donut varieties for Valentine’s Day. Two types of chocolate-covered heart donuts will debut: one with raspberry filling and drizzled with strawberry icing, and the other with brownie-flavored buttercream filling and topped with chocolate icing and brownie crumbles. I know many would see this as a chocolate overload, but I bet these new treats taste phenomenal with vanilla cupcake iced coffee to wash them down.

Chewboom reports that there is also a fudge-croissant donut, made from a regular glazed croissant donut with fudge filling and white icing on top.

Some of Dunkin’ Donuts’ regular menu items already scream holiday spirit, like the many varieties of pastries (particularly the chocolatey ones), and the specialty drinks, like Oreo Creme-flavored lattes. However, if you’re really looking for limited-edition specials only, then you might like to know that these new donuts and pastry-inspired drinks are only available until Feb. 14, 2017. While I’m sure they’ll probably return next year or the year after, why wait? Whether you have a valentine this year or not, don’t be afraid to treat yourself! The holiday is about love, so you can show your taste buds some love, too. We all deserve it from time to time.

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Sources: Delish, Chewboom / Photo Credit: Dunkin' Donuts

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