Drink Rose All Day Out Of A 40-Ounce Bottle (Photos)


By Cooking Panda

Sometimes, one glass just isn’t enough.

The weather is warming up ya’ll, and you know what that means — the “rose all day” crew is about to reemerge from their winter slumbers and start celebrating with a glass of pink wine.

Of course, for some people, a standard-sized bottle is enough, but rose fans are getting intense.

Now, you can buy 40-ounce bottles of rose, just like you can most cheap beers right in the refrigerated section of your bodega.


As Delish points out, you’re actually spending some money if you drop cash on a 40 of rose, considering typically a traditional bottle runs anywhere between $15 to $20. The magic of the 40, however, is that at least one store in New York is pricing them at $16, which means you’re getting almost double the wine for the exact same price.

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Plus, rolling up to a party with a 40 of rose is definitely a conversation starter. Sort of gimmicky, sure, but also pretty rad!

For now, you can get your hands on a 40 of rose in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Colorado and California, but there are only 1,200 cases that have been produced thus far, which means if you want in on the action, you better head over to a store with the big bottles in stock ASAP.

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“They probably won’t last long,” creator Patrick Cappiello told Delish.

Do you want to try a 40 of rose?

Source: Delish / Photo Credit: Wine Curmudgeon

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