Dream Job Alert: This Woman Is A Professional Eater


By Cooking Panda

Can you imagine a better job in the world than one in which you get paid… to eat… for free… everyday? Well, it turns out there’s a 25 year-old woman out there named Sophie Hardy, and that is officially her job now.

It’s okay: we’re jealous too.

Hardy has just been appointed the UK’s first ever Official Eating Officer by Weight Watchers, which essentially means she gets paid to travel around eating out delicious meals on her company’s dime. The only caveat, obviously, is that she has to follow a healthy enough lifestyle to maintain her figure (this is for Weight Watchers, after all), but is health really a caveat anyway? 

Per Express, Hardy was a size 26 and 16 years old when she decided she wanted to change her lifestyle; after turning to Weight Watchers to help her lose the excess weight, she dropped about 70 pounds.

Since the initial weight drop, Hardy’s weight has fluctuated; she rejoined Weight Watchers in January 2016, and currently is around 28 pounds away from her goal weight. She hopes that her new position working for Weight Watchers will help inspire her to maintain an active and fulfilling social life without compromising her weight loss goals.

“I love food and I’ve always eaten out around three times a week, and I’m keen to show having a life doesn’t mean you have to stop living,” she told Express.

“There are ways to approach eating out so that it works alongside something like Weight Watchers.

“I try and look at the menu before I go to a restaurant so that I’m sure there are good options for me.

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“If this isn’t possible, I look out for keywords such as grilled or steamed as I know that dish will likely be fine, and avoid anything fried or buttered.”

Of course, a healthy lifestyle doesn’t start and end with your diet (although it does play a significant role); Hardy is eager to emphasize the importance of exercise as part of her health regimen, and stresses that every body and every person is different. The goal is to feel great, not to cater to unrealistic beauty standards foisted upon us by the media.

“Those Istagrammers are unrealistic role models — they were all pretty slim to begin with anyway, and their lives are healthy living, which isn’t sustainable for people with a job and a social life,” she told Express. She is eager to prove that it is possible to live your best life by practicing portion control, making smart food choices, and enjoying yourself every step of the way.

Sources: Express / Photo credit: Weight Watchers via Express

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