Doritos Is Getting Into The Halloween Spirit With Black Garlic Chips


By Cooking Panda

It’s that time of year again, when food companies are running their seasonal spooky-themed foods and snacks. Remember last year’s spooky black Whopper from Burger King? Well, this year it’s Frito-Lay who has decided to debut a Halloween-themed snack. Black, garlic-flavored Doritos…You know, to keep away the vampires.

The black garlic-and-pepper-flavored Doritos are currently available only in Japan, so if the rest of us are attacked by vampires, we’re out of luck. Really? How fair is that?

According to Nerdist, we can try ordering the vampire-repelling Doritos from JList or, so that’s a little more comforting, I guess.

Bloody Disgusting reports that this isn’t Doritos’ first attempt at a black chip, but it’s definitely the most interesting one. In 2014, Doritos tested the “Rock’n’Black” flavor as well, which consists of pepper and rock salt. Although it wasn’t a hit, these vampire repelling garlic chips for October seem pretty safe.

And although you probably want to reek of garlic if you’re trying to keep away vampires, they say the taste is pretty strong, so I’d definitely recommend chewing on some raw apple, lettuce or mint to cure the garlic breath…after you’ve reached safety, of course. Or if you’re going on a date.

As tasty as garlic is, we don’t honestly want to walk around smelling like it. Unless we’re going as Van Helsing for Halloween.

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Sources: Nerdist, Bloody Disgusting / Photo credit: JList

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