Donut-Shaped Sushi Is Now A Thing


By Cooking Panda

Vegan food rarely sets our hearts aflutter, but the latest Instagram food trend might just be the exception. Sam, of the Instagram account So Beautifully Raw, has defied all expectations by creating breathtaking donut sushi. Even more shocking is the fact that the donut sushi is vegan—completing a trifecta of food trends that we never thought would appear together in a single dish.

More than simply combining unexpected culinary arts, however, Sam’s vegan donut sushi is also drop dead gorgeous. According to Bustle, each piece is carefully crafted using a mini donut mold before being painstakingly decorated by the Instagrammer herself. Apparently, Sam uses a combination of ginger, wasabi, avocado, and sesame seeds to adorn her aesthetically pleasing creations, leading us to believe that the donut sushi probably tastes as good as it looks!

Even more amazing than the sushi itself, however, might be the way in which Sam presents her creations. The painstaking artistry of every piece is worth drooling over in and of itself! When asked about the startling success of her sushi donuts, Sam responded by saying, “I definitely didn’t see it coming! It’s definitely exciting and I have had a lot of awesome opportunities arise from it. I plan on keeping my Instagram as authentic as possible. I always reiterate to my followers that just because I have a certain amount of people following me doesn’t make me superhuman, and I’m just a human with all the bells and whistles of life and a crazy passion for art and creating.”

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After taking the time to gaze jealously at Sam’s donut sushi, we suggest that you try your hand at making your own version of the trendy food! All you need is sushi rice and a donut mold—the decorations and presentation are entirely up to you. If veganism isn’t your thing, you could even add some raw fish to your gorgeous creations—we promise we won’t tell Sam! 

Source: Bustle / Photo credit: sobeautifullyraw/Instagram

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