Domino’s Is Now Delivering Pizzas Via Canoes


By Cooking Panda

Well, you can’t say Domino’s doesn’t do everything within its power to make sure its pizza reaches hungry fans.

This time, Domino’s is testing the canoe method, for those pizza lovers who live too far away from the city actually to be reached effectively by road. Time Magazine reports that this method is currently available only in Maidstone, Kent, in England.

Delivery “drivers” wear full wetsuits, and pizzas will be transported in thoroughly tested floating boxes with their very own buoys. You know, in case everyone goes overboard, the pizza can still be served. That’s important when you’ve made it so far into the country. There’s no turning back!

“It’s great living by the river but it has always been impossible to get food delivered to our house so we owe Domino’s a big thank you for allowing us to have a night in,” said Debbie Hayes, the first person to receive canoe-carried pizza.

Metro News reports that Domino’s is excited to be the first business offering this service in the area. “Being in an area that is famed for its scenic waterways means the rivers are a big part of the local community so we’re glad we can extend our standard delivery methods to harness the local scenery and ensure we can deliver by land or water to pizza lovers in the area,” says location manager Ilona Poazalyte.

The locals love the new service, and probably hope it will stick around. What will Domino’s think of next?

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Sources: Metro News, Time Magazine / Photo credit: Domino's Pizza/Instagram

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