Does The Moon Affect The Taste Of Your Wine?


By Cooking Panda

Honestly, if this is true, we’re going to start paying a whole lot more attention to the night sky.

We all know the moon is a mysterious thing; some say it’s made of green cheese. Some say it serves as a sort of wake-up call for werewolves. We know that it’s primarily responsible for the rising and receding of our ocean’s tides, which means it’s pretty dang powerful. It also isn’t too bad to look at.

Now, however, certain people are speaking up and saying that they have reason to believe that the moon also has some kind of ultra powerful effect on on how our wine tastes on any given day.

Yup, you read that right.

Evidently, there is something out there called the biodynamic calendar, which basically functions as a tool for farmers to use when figuring out good times to grow certain crops throughout the year.

The calendar, according to the Independent, is divided into four separate cycles: root days, flower days, leaf days and fruit days.

Wine apparently is at its tastiest when the moon is passing through Aries, Leo or Sagittarius — in other words, when we’re in our biodynamic fruit days.

When we’re in the root phase, wine is said to have a more bitter taste according to the biodynamic believers, and flower days are more palatable than leaf days.

We admit we’re skeptical; wine tastes pretty dang good to us every night of the week, every month of the year, no exceptions. We are thankful at least that the biodynamic believers have designed an app to help guide the general public on their moon-wine beliefs, and how to pick out a wine that will taste its best depending on the type of day in the calendar.

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The app is called “When Wine Tastes Best” and can be downloaded on iTunes here.

Sources: When Wine Taste Best/iTunes, Independent / Photo Credit: Roland S/Instagram

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