Do You Think This Ridiculously Expensive Chicken Wing Looks Worth The Cost?


By Cooking Panda

Calling all fine-diners in Hong Kong: there’s a new French restaurant in SoHo called Belon, and it is serving up one seriously expensive chicken wing.

The $45 stuffed chicken wing — yes, wing as in one — is prepared with matsutake mushrooms and small cubes of foie gras, according to Next Shark, so, yes, the dish boasts some high-end ingredients. But does that justify its cost?

The stuffed chicken wing is just one example of the many pricey dishes Belon has to offer: Next Shark reports that the menu also includes a $75 whole roast chicken, with the option to add some Australian black truffles on the side for an additional $52, if you’re feeling peckish.

Don’t forget the bread! Homemade leavened bread with Normandy butter can be enjoyed for $6, which actually seems pretty reasonable, if you discount the fact that many restaurants serve similar bread side dishes free of charge. If it helps, the bread has received rave reviews, according to Next Shark.

Here’s a look at it all sliced up and ready to be buttered:

So what do you think? Does the price-tag of a meal at Belon look worth it?

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Source: Next Shark / Photo credit: Next Shark

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