Disagreement ‘Over Pies’ Turns Into Brawl At McDonald’s (Video)


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Joslyn Cecile Steed, 25, has been charged after officials report that she attacked a coworker on May 18 at a McDonald’s in Chester County, South Carolina. The victim allegedly told officials that the physical altercation, which was caught on camera, occurred because she and Steed were “arguing over pies” (video below).

WNCN reports that just before 10 p.m., Chester County officers received a call about a fight between Steed and a 30-year-old fellow McDonald’s employee named Cassandra Alexander.

Steed and Alexander were arguing over whose turn it was to cook the establishment’s apple pies when the 30-year-old had enough, and allegedly told Steed to leave the restaurant, saying that she would cover Steed’s shift.

Steed reportedly refused to leave, prompting Alexander to request that the police be called — and that’s when things turned ugly.

According to the police report, Steed approached Alexander and told her that “if she went to jail she would beat her ass.” The report then accuses Steed of striking Alexander in the face, knocking her glasses off.

The two women then engaged in a physical altercation which was broken up by other employees — but not before the fight was caught on camera by witness Noah Smith, who was going through the drive-thru when he heard arguing, reports WJZY. When he pulled around and entered the McDonald’s he saw Steed and Alexander’s fight, and caught the altercation on video.

Although police say nobody was seriously injured, an arrest warrant was still issued and Steed was charged with assault and battery. She was booked in the Chester County Sheriff’s Office around 9:42 a.m. on May 20, WNCN reports.

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“We take the care and safety of our employees very seriously and have zero tolerance for violence,” said Chris Sparks, McDonald’s Director of Operations, in a statement about the fight and video.

“At this time, we are cooperating fully with the police during their investigation into this matter.”

Watch the fight between Steed and Alexander below:

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Sources: WNCN/WBTV, WJZY, Noah Smith/Facebook via BBC/Youtube / Photo credit: mcdonalds/Instagram

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