Customer Sees What McDonald’s Worker Is Doing With Trash, Takes Out Phone and Starts Recording


By Cooking Panda

Viral videos often focus on people behaving badly, but footage of 73-year-old woman named Charlotte is gaining traction for all the right reasons (video below). 

Despite being able to use only one side of her body because she suffered a stroke when she was 25 years old, Charlotte has been working at McDonald’s in Blackwell, Oklahoma, for the last 13 years, KFOR reported. She still hustles around the fast food restaurant, clearing tables and taking out the trash.

Customer Nada Seyam was so impressed by Charlotte’s work ethic that she posted a video of her working on Facebook. The video has garnered nearly 40,000 views since it was posted on Dec. 1. 

“I watched this wonderful woman clean tables and change 4 trash cans,” Seyam wrote in the video’s caption.

“My kids and I watched her do all the work that she was doing with one hand and I thought ‘what an amazing woman.’ 

“She gave me hope and to be thankful for everything we have. Charlotte gave me this feeling that no matter what we should never give up. I think she deserves to be woman of the year.”

Sources: KFOR, Nada Seyam/Facebook Screenshot via Nada Seyam/Facebook

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