Cracker Jack Now Has ‘Digital Prizes’ Instead Of Toys


By Cooking Panda

When you were a kid, you probably loved when you had Cracker Jacks, not just because you got to eat the super delicious caramel coated popcorn and peanut mix, but especially for the cool toy that you would find inside every box or bag.

The classic treat, which has been thrilling kids since 1896, comes with a huge blast of nostalgia. In case you feel old and out of touch, don’t worry! This will make you feel even worse: The iconic snack’s toys will soon be completely digital.

That’s right. Frito-Lay has decided to update the 120-year-old snacks with something they call the Prize inside Mobile experience, as Vice reports. Instead of a toy, Cracker Jacks will come with stickers that have a code on them. If you download the Blippar app and scan your sticker, you can access one of four prizes that allows you to “show off your dance moves on a simulated baseball field jumbo screen on your phone, control the outcome of the legendary Dot Race, or make yourself a baseball star in baseball cards and autographed photos that can be traded and shared with your family and friends.” Color us excited. (Not really.)

According to a press release from senior director of marketing Haston Lewis of Frito-Lay, “The new Prize Inside allows families to enjoy their favorite baseball moments through a new one-of-a-kind mobile experience, leveraging digital technology to bring the iconic Prize Inside to life.”

Lewis went on say, “We are a brand that authentically reminds people of simpler times, childhood memories and family experiences. With this redesign and new mobile game experience, the Cracker Jack brand embraces a modernized, young-at-heart attitude while keeping that treasured feeling of childhood wistfulness.”

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Are we the only ones who miss the hot dog and hamburger plastic charms, toy spinners, whistles, temporary tattoos and tiny joke books?

Sources: Vice, Mercury News / Photo Credit: Mike Mozart/Flickr

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