Could Ginger Coca-Cola Be The Next Big Drink?


By Cooking Panda

With health crazes being all the rage in 2016, Coca-Cola is trying to keep up by introducing new flavors. The first they are working with is Coca-Cola Ginger, and it’s currently available in Australia.

Australians are apparently crazy for ginger, and CNBC reports that this new drink has launched just in time for their summer season. Ginger and Coca-Cola fans alike tried the new flavor, and seem to feel like it lacks the pizazz they were hoping for. Really, they just felt there wasn’t quite enough ginger.

The staff at, the country’s biggest news site, judged the flavor to be lacking. “There’s a subtle gingery scent and aftertaste, but if you’re going to do ginger, you have to commit,” one of them said.

Ginger drink popularity is on the rise in Australia, and Coca-Cola South Pacific reports a 6% increase. However, fizzy beverages are dropping in sales in general while people grow more health-conscious. What does this mean for Coca-Cola? Well, put simply, it means more testing.

Australian bottler Coca-Cola Amatil has announced there will be a “pipeline of new flavors for Coca-Cola” coming our way. This shows the company’s ability to try and move forward with the times, since soda sales are dropping.

Business Insider reports that in the United States alone, the total volume of soda consumed has dropped 1.2% since 2015, compared to 0.9% in 2014. When broken down, Coca-Cola consumption dropped 1% in volume, and Pepsi lost 3.2% of that volume.

People are simply consuming less soda in an effort to decrease sugar intake, and quite honestly, diet soda doesn’t have the greatest reputation for being health-conscious either. One thing we already know is that both Pepsi and Coke sell products other than soda, so this decline won’t necessarily be too much cause for concern.

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However, it’s important that both companies work to keep innovating. Keeping up with the times and today’s health trends will be vital to their success. Adding a ginger cola is just a first step in (hopefully) the right direction. Surely, soon, we’ll be enjoying many new and healthy Coke products.

Sources: CNBC, Insider / Photo credit: Coca-Cola South Pacific via CNBC

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