Corrosive McDonald’s Latte Sent A Woman To ER


By Cooking Panda

This is so terrifying!

While we’ve definitely heard our fair share of tales of people being sent to the hospital after spilling boiling hot liquids on themselves, or even after taking sips of piping hot drinks that burned their throats, we’re not sure we’ve ever heard something like this before!

A Swedish woman named Rebekah Sjolund spent hours in a hospital emergency room after she purchased a coffee from a McDonald’s in southern Sweden.

Why, you ask?

Well, apparently Sjolund’s coffee was made in a coffee machine that was not supposed to be in use, because it was being cleaned with a cleaning substance that was highly corrosive.

We’re sure you see where this is going.

Unfortunately, the latte that Sjolund ordered was nevertheless made in the machine and therefore contained the corrosive cleaning product.

After drinking her coffee, the corrosive agent clearly started to kick in, and Sjolund felt the effects.

“I had difficulty breathing and could feel immediately that there was corrosion in my mouth. I was terrified,” The Local reports her as telling the newspaper Sydsvenskan.

“Luckily the corrosive agent was slightly diluted because there was both water and milk in the cup. It could have ended a lot worse if it was more concentrated.”

Sjolund spent an entire four hours in the emergency room for the incident, which was reported to the police as bodily harm, before she was deemed able to leave.

The McDonald’s to blame has already responded to the incident. While we’re not sure yet what it will do to make up for such a dangerous error, a spokesperson has informed The Local that the company recognizes that the incident was “very serious” and will be compensating Sjolund for her scary experience.

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In the meantime, we’re brewing our coffee at home!

Source: The Local / Photo Credit: KIMTRAN/Instagram

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