College Students Rejoice: Taco Bell Is Bringing Boozy Slushies To Austin


By Cooking Panda

Just in time for Cinco de Mayo, your favorite Mexican fast food chain is attempting to open its third Taco Bell Cantina restaurant — this time, at the University of Texas, Austin. While the Cantina has yet to be approved for a liquor license, it hopes to serve alcoholic slushies and beer to patrons of the future establishment.

There are currently two other Taco Bell Cantinas operating in Chicago and San Francisco, but the Bay Area location has faced community backlash against its plans to sell alcoholic beverages. A similar debate is unfolding in Austin, where local business appear wary of Cantina.

While the Catholic Church, which owns the building in which Taco Bell plans to build its new restaurant, has expressed support for the venture, community backlash is expected at the May 5 public hearing on the chain’s liquor license. Regardless of the hearing’s outcome, however, one thing’s for sure—there will never be a shortage of margaritas or tacos in Austin.

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Source: Eater, KXAN / Photo credit: Eater

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