Coffee Butter Is The New Spread Your Breakfast Needs


By Cooking Panda

Some days, we are really into a trendy breakfast — we’re talking avocado on toast, or zucchini oats (popularly known as zoats), or maybe even a rainbow bagel if we’re feeling kind of nostalgic for that whole craze.

And some days we just want an old, comforting classic. A staple that never gets old, and one that never fails to make us feel cozy and happy.

We’re talking buttered toast with coffee.

Of course, when we typically make buttered toast, we take bread, pop it in the toaster oven, and then get to making our morning brew separately while we wait for the bread to crisp up and the butter to melt.

But what if you could streamline that process?

A popular Japanese coffee brand (and also one of the largest dairy companies in the country), Megmilk Snow Brand Company, is celebrating its 55th anniversary by giving caffeine lovers and breakfast lovers alike a little treat.

Introducing “Snow Brand Coffee Soft,” a new spread that Rocket News 24 shares will contain both the smell and flavor of the company’s popular coffee drink (think mellow but sweet milky undertones).

From March 1 on, the new coffee butter spread will be available in supermarkets all around Japan, and is being touted as the unusual but perfect accompaniment to things like toast, croissants, pancakes — basically anything that you would typically pair with butter and drink with coffee in the morning.

The new spread is all set to hit the supermarket refrigerators for about $2, and we have a feeling it’s going to be a huge success. First, because the novelty of the spread is high and second, because it actually sounds so useful and delicious!

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What do you think? Would you give this new product a taste? And if you’re not in Japan, would you buy this if it ever debuted in the U.S.? Let us know!

Source: Rocket News 24 / Photo Credit: At Press

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