Chipotle Is Giving Away $20 Million In Free Food, But There’s A Catch


By Cooking Panda

Chipotle is rewarding some of its most die-hard fans with free catering for up to 20 people. That’s a value of $240, and about 85,000 people are set to receive this award.

According to CNBC, Chipotle is choosing winners based on participation in its Chiptopia program that took place over the summer. Those who were part of the reward program were classified into three categories based on how many times they visited the restaurant each of the three summer months. Statuses were mild, medium and hot, and those who had a “hot” status (by eating at least 11 Chipotle entrees per month) have won the prize. This catering reward is equal to about $20.4 million.

The loyalty program has attracted 3.6 million participants, and has boosted sales greatly, so how better to reward fans for staying true?

On another note, Chipotle has also chosen to start offering a new ingredient for customers: chorizo. If you aren’t familiar, chorizo is a sausage blend of chicken and pork, peppered with Mexican spices. Popsugar reports that its taste is a bit salty, although not too overly spicy. For many who usually opt for double meat, you could get chorizo instead and a little will go a much farther way.

The new protein is expected to be available in stores nationwide this fall, according to Eater. Chipotle is hoping that this, in addition to loyalty programs and awesome awards will serve to bring back the audience that has been lost since the E.coli breakout in 2015.

If you’re one of the lucky winners of free Chipotle catering, make sure and ask for chorizo at your big event. That way, you and your friends and family can taste-test the new ingredient for free!

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Popsugar’s report of taste implies that you should eat the chorizo next to lettuce and tomato for best results, so that the light veggies can offset the saltiness of the meat. However you choose to enjoy it, do so knowing that Chipotle is on the mend!

Sources: CNBC, Popsugar, Eater / Photo credit: Chipotle via Eater

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