Cherry Blossom Cotton Candy Pizza? Yup, It’s Real


By Cooking Panda

Some foods sound a little too crazy to be good, and in my opinion, this is one of them. Cherry blossom cotton candy? Okay, maybe. Cherry blossom cotton candy on pizza? No, thank you.

RocketNews24 reports that a brew pub in the Kanda district of Tokyo has decided to combine three beautiful classics, cherry blossoms, cotton candy and pizza, into one product all its own. It’s called the sakura (Japanese for cherry blossom) cotton candy pizza, and you can order it in Tokyo right now, if you’re interested.

The small chain of pubs that offers this “pizza” is called Schmatz Beer Dining, and there are three locations around Tokyo that carry the new menu item. It’s a thin-crust, three-cheese pizza served with honey ginger sauce on the side, which is to be drizzled over the top of the cotton candy before diving in to enjoy. The side of honey ginger sauce also features a little floating cherry blossom, to bring it all together. While I don’t find the meal appealing in an appetizing way, I do have to admit that it looks nice.

With the cherry blossom season in full swing, it only makes sense that restaurants want to celebrate the beauty of springtime. Cherry blossoms are just special enough to deserve a dish in their honor, after all. But what do they taste like? Are we supposed to eat them?

None of that really matters. The sakura cotton candy pizza is only here for a limited time, just like the flower it’s named after. If you’re going to be in Tokyo during this short window of opportunity, between March 27 and April 2, by all means go and try the sakura cotton candy pizza.

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While you’re at it, visit the cherry blossom festivals and parties. You can’t honor the great tree only by eating some weird cotton candy concoction; it might not even do the blossom justice! Try it for the sake of trying it, and then celebrate spring by eating Cadbury Eggs or Peeps or something — under a great cherry blossom tree.

Source: RocketNews24 / Photo Credit: Schmatz Beer Dining/Twitter

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