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By Cooking Panda

Winter can be tough on the best of us. Days are cold and short and sometimes it’s just plain gloomy. That’s why it only makes sense for places like Shake Shack to, well, shake it up!

Shake Shack reports that it is launching a trio of new shakes for winter. Starting on Jan. 3, 2017, and going all the way until April 30 (when the weather begins to warm up again), three new seasonal shakes will be available for our indulgence. Each of the flavors are pretty well explained by name only, but it’s just so fun to describe every delicious ingredient, so here we go:

Mint Cookies & Cream — mint-flavored frozen custard blended with chocolate cookie crumbles and finished off with whipped cream.

Salted Vanilla Toffee — salted vanilla-flavored frozen custard blended with toffee (duh!) and, of course, finished with whipped cream.

Mud Pie — marshmallow-flavored frozen custard blended with fudge and coffee (by far the most exciting flavor, in my opinion!), topped with whipped cream and more chocolate, this time of the sprinkle variety.

As much as I love my chocolate, the salted vanilla toffee shake does sound pretty tantalizing. I have to admit these can definitely serve the purpose of brightening up anyone’s dreary winter. Then again, if you’re more into warm treats in cold weather (because, you know, maybe you live in the northeast?), don’t forget that the Shack’s Brownie Batter Hot Chocolate is made right there in the restaurant with a bittersweet dark chocolate blend, fudge sauce, whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles on top! It’s available until the end of March.

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Shake Shack says it’s going to be switching flavors up every few months to make room for seasonal treats. This first lineup for winter is a great introduction to the program, not to mention it brings high hopes for future flavors. What will be in store for spring and summer?

The shakes are $5.79 each and are available in all U.S. locations, excluding stadiums and JFK Airport. The specially made Brownie Batter Hot Chocolate is $3.89 for those who are looking for the hot drink of the season. Happy winter!

Sources: Shake Shack (2) / Photo Credit: Shake Shack

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