Caribou Coffee’s Hot Cold Brew Makes No Sense (Photo)


By Cooking Panda

Caribou Coffee has come out with a brand new drink that is sure to puzzle. It’s a hot cold brew? It’s called the Hot Crafted Press, and the method behind the madness is actually pretty interesting.

Brand Eating reports that this new “Hot Crafted Press” was introduced in January 2017 and that the way it is crafted is by steeping the cold brew for 12 hours, then adding vanilla cream and sugar, and finally the coffee is steamed up with an espresso wand and served. What? What is the purpose of making cold brew, then reheating it?

Well, the idea might be to get a smooth taste, like the cold brew is usually known for, since cold brew is less acidic. At least, that’s what Brand Eating guesses, and I think they’re right on the mark. If the coffee is made the cold brew way with the less acidic, smoother taste, then sweetened and warmed, the idea is that you’d be getting a nice hot cup of coffee that tastes so much better than the regular drip-brewed cup you’d usually get. I wonder if this is true?

The new Caribou item has gotten mixed reviews from confused customers, including one not-so-convinced Foodbeast writer. “Basically, their cold brew has been turned into a hot cold brew,” he says. He also makes a good point in saying that heating up the coffee might eliminate its healthy features, like those valuable antioxidants. “Sorry, Caribou, but I’m not down with this new coffee product of yours,” he finishes.

I have to say, I’m personally on the fence with this one. On the one hand, I love my cold brew for the smoothness of flavor. I also love complicated new drinks, probably because they intrigue me. So, to try or not to try? Let’s try it! I don’t know if I’m fully convinced that they’re not just making money off of those of us who are suckers enough to buy into something like this, but it’s worth a shot to learn something new.

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Points for creativity, Caribou. Bring it on!

Sources: Brand Eating, Foodbeast / Photo Credit: Caribou Coffee/Instagram, Caribou Coffee via Brand Eating

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