Cap’n Crunch Is Getting Its Own Restaurant


By Cooking Panda

New York’s Kith Cereal Bar has teamed up with Cap’n Crunch to give fans what we really wanted: a nostalgic sugar rush morning, noon and night.

Eater reports that the two will debut Kith x Cap’n Crunch sometime soon (they’ve been delayed thanks to Hurricane Matthew), and will be offering some especially sweet flavors.

Among those will be “Salted Caramel,” topped with caramel popcorn, peanut butter, waffle cone and chocolate milk; the “Jack-O’-Lantern” made with Halloween Cap’n Crunch, peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch, Reese’s Pieces and whole milk; and lots of milkshake flavors like the “Sprinkled Eclair” with sprinkled donut Cap’n Crunch, chopped Kit Kat, vanilla ice cream and whole milk.

What’s even better? You can also create your own bowl! Mesh together all the sugary goodness you’d like.

If you know anything about Kith Cereal Bar in New York City, you know that’s what they’re all about. According to The New York Times, Kith is the first dedicated cereal bar the city has seen, and it features 24 cereal varieties. Cereals come packaged in bags that fit into small shoe boxes, from which the cereal can be eaten directly.

Famous athletes are known to design the cereal shoe boxes, and to top it all off, the cereal bar is located within a clothing shop. Talk about branching out!

The Kith guys have displayed the perfect amount of creativity and innovation to pull off this popup restaurant with Cap’n Crunch. Unfortunately, the popup will have only one location — in Miami. Still, after the hurricane has blown over, head south for vacation and make sure to stop by for a sugary treat.

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Keep an eye out while you’re there for Kith’s assortment of apparel as well. After all, we already know that they know clothes. Hoodies, tees, keychains and more will be featured in-store.  They’ll also debut a limited edition Kith’n Crunch cereal, with only 500 boxes available for sale.

Act fast if you’re interested. The pop-up will be around for just one month!

Sources: Eater, The New York Times / Photo credits: Cap'n Crunch/Twitter, Kith Treats via Delish

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