Can You Spot The Reason This Hilarious Wedding RSVP Card Is Going Viral?


By Cooking Panda

When planning a wedding, couples want to ensure that their guests enjoy themselves as much as possible on their special day.

One surefire way to make everybody happy, of course, is to provide delicious and varied meal options.

A meatless dish for the vegetarians; one without dairy for the lactose-intolerant; gluten-free options for the celiacs; and, if you’re this couple, apparently, one 12-year-old child for the cannibals.

Just kidding.

Here’s the thing: a few days ago, a Reddit user called moxin84 shared a photo of a wedding RSVP card that went horribly, and hilariously wrong. The card includes a section requesting that guests check off their preferred choice of entree.

Among the options? Beef, pork, and then everybody’s guilty pleasure: child (12 and under).

Obviously (I hope!), the misprint was supposed to signify “child’s meal,” as in, I don’t know, any kind of bland and popular item a child would be happy to consume, rather than an adolescent served on a silver platter.

Of course, this is Reddit we’re talking about, so users ran wild with the slip-up.

“Dietary restrictions: ginger children,” wrote one commenter, with another following up, “Free roaming and gluten free please.”

“Excellent choice, sir. 2006 was a fabulous year for children,” added another. Er, I guess I’ll take your word for it!

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Source: Reddit / Photo credit: Tracy Hunter/Flickr

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