Can You Smell These 14 Tasty Pie GIFs?


By Cooking Panda

One of the best things about fall is that you get to bake a ton of seasonal pies, breathe in their beautiful aromas, and gobble them all down.

Whether you prefer your pumpkin pie warm or chilled, you can’t beat the irresistible nutmeg, cinnamon and starchy pumpkin smell that wafts through the house when one of these babies comes out of the oven …

Maybe you’d prefer something a little more jazzed up. Will pumpkin-pecan-chocolate do the trick for you?

Because I know I could never turn down a pie this lovely, especially when those sugary, buttery, nutty scents reach my nostrils.

Or maybe this heavenly slice of caramel dreams is up your alley. I’ll take one of those too, please!

Naturally, I’m going to need a slice or two of America’s favorite pie to accompany it, because creamy, buttery caramel and cinnamony, tender baked Granny Smith apples topped with that golden, flaky lattice crust are destined to be together.

Inhale. Drool. Sigh longingly. Repeat.

Mini pies are great too, because that means you get a whole one to yourself!

Plus, look how adorable they are!

All I know is that it’s time to wolf one of these bad boys down.

And one of these too, for good measure.

Go on, have a bite …

Or several!

Now that’s what I’m talking about!

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Featured Image: Student150/Wikimedia Commons

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